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At GET, we’re revolutionizing industries through the power of artificial intelligence

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Pioneering Tomorrow’s Intelligence

We at GET envision a future where businesses seamlessly integrate smart technologies, making data-driven decisions that propel them to unparalleled heights.

By relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation, we aim to be the catalyst for a world where AI isn’t just a tool but a transformative force driving sustainable growth and excellence.

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GET AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

Returns Prediction will boost your logistics profitability

Move your predicting return rates toward zero

Our solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze past outbound and return data and predict the probability of goods returning to the warehouse

Happier customer, higher retention rate, higher Lifetime Value

Pay extra attention to outbounds likely to return and lead to customer dissatisfaction (e.g., make sure there are no delays, add vouchers, etc.)

Discover the hidden insights

Solution analyze the most common properties of all returns to identify faulty products and the features that have the most influence on articles being returned

GET WM Returns Prediction

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